Thursday, May 28, 2009

20 words to change your life

Hi friends, just take minutes ur time, read n apply this words, time to change our life!

BEGIN - Take change of your life beginning something you're always wanted to do. If your goal seems overwhelming, starts small.

IMAGINE - Your imagination has not boundaries “…..dreaming about something is the first step toward achieving it”
LAUGH – “Laughter is a direct route to the soul, it broadens your perspective, keeps you healthy and makes unbearable situation easier to deal with”

BELIEVE – Set your mind to predict success. Tell you’re self u will succeed at whatever you’re doing at the moment

SEEK - Allow yourself to grow by exposing your vulnerability and insecurity. Don’t live strictly inside tour comfort zone – don’t always play safe

PLAY - We can always find something that “… needs to be done” and we forget how to have fun. Make a conscious effort to take time off – you’ll feel refresh and able to think more clearly afterwards.

TRUST – “…… being paralyzed by indecision is worse than making the wrong decision” You can’t grow if you don’t trust your inner voice.

LISTEN – Try listening carefully to the other person’s point of view first. Without being preoccupied or distracted.

CREATE – Creativity maintains the balance in our lives. The more we use our creativity, the more it develops.

CONNECT – Relationship are what pull as thought the hard times, and make the good times meaningful, take to nurture the connections that uplift you.

TOUCH – Humans need touch to survive that thrives. Don’t forget to hug your love ones. Pat your friends on the back, literally and figuratively.

FORGIVE – Forgiveness is live giving because it puts you in charge. You become empowered.

PRAY – “Praying is asking god to transform the situation and become the heart of your life” Take time each day to nurture this connection.

HOPE – “Hope is knowledge that even in the worst of times we can triumph our hardship and sorrow and grow in spirit” Hope is what sustains humanity.

– We can always choose our circumstances, but we can choose our attitudes towards them”

APPRECIATE – Admire the good in yourself and in those around you.

GIVE – Happiness involves giving freely to others and not necessarily wanting something in return. ]
READ – Reading removes boundaries.

WRITE – Words are freedom words are power.

RELEASE – Avoid doing something just because everyone thinks you should. Give yourself permission to relax.

Good luck for u all..... with luv~azie

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